Unbelievably Simple
SaaS Management

Plus automatically discovers your users and spendings across your SaaS services and gives you the power to manage it all from one place.

Subscription management

Complete control

Plus provides you with an overview of your subscriptions; who has access, what plan they are on and how much it costs

User access

Who uses what

Understand the usage and adoption of SaaS tools by your employees.

Spendings overview

Understand your SaaS spend

Learn in a complete overview how much your SaaS spendings are for your entire organization, per team and employee.


Something is wrong...

...with the way we manage SaaS. Now first things first. We love SaaS. It’s amazing. The list of positive words from using SaaS is almost endlessly long.

Also amid a pandemic, SaaS has once again proven to be fantastic and it has allowed all of us to easily and quickly adapt to the remote way of working. It is no wonder SaaS adoption in organizations is going through the roof. Really, we understand why.

But we believe something is wrong.

Organizations lack a clear overview of who has access to what, what plan they are on, and how much they are paying. One new SaaS service means one more account and one more password - per user (!) and one more place to add and maintain payment information.

New employees find themselves in email-invitation and -confirmation mayhem and ex-employees find themselves having access to SaaS services they shouldn’t have access to anymore.

Enrolling users to services is a manual task and the same goes for removing users when employees quit. These tasks therefore often extend over months resulting in wasted time, money and raises serious compliance and security issues.

Be on top of who has access to what and who should have access is currently an almost impossible task.

And yet, SaaS is still amazing. There are so many awesome, useful, and great SaaS services out there, but the one thing that would make them even better is the ability to get an overview of spend and usage and pay, enroll and remove users effortlessly.

Now, it’s not that there are not services out there trying to solve these problems. However, these services do not cure the disease, they treat the symptoms. These issues with SaaS should not be solved by just accepting the way things work today. Instead, we should change the way they work.

You should not spend time manually creating accounts and provide payment information each and every time you sign up for a new SaaS service. You should not have to worry if you are paying for users that are no longer in the organization. Adding and removing users should happen in seconds - not extend over months. And of course, you should be able to have a clear and accurate overview of your SaaS spend and usage.

Exactly that, is now possible with Plus.

Plus is SaaS Management. Just reinvented. Plus is easy. No technical skills and configuration is needed to get it up and running. It’s for everyone and it just works.

Briefly put: Plus is SaaS Management, As It Should Be.

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